Friday, December 26, 2008

Howard Schnellenberger

What a name. The coach of Florida Atlantic led his team to a tight victory over Central Michigan in the Motor City bowl. (Will this bowl be alive after this crappy auto year? I don't know what to expect, although expert analysis seems to like its chances. And I don't see why it would go away, I mean college football will always be popular.)

Anywho, Howard Schnellenberger is 74 years old, making him kind of old, and believes in a strong running game, as I would expect an older coach to believe in. After all, the running game was a staple of past dynasties and it is rather recently with the arrival of the West Coast Offense and Bill Walsh that the passing game became as important as it is today.

Of course, we can always thank the Green Bay Packers for inventing the passing game, with good old Arnie Herber chucking bombs like he was at war.

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