Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charles Whitmore (or Charles Widmore, w/e)

Wow. This guy is one bad mamma jamma. So he kills his friend on the island, one of the others, then tries to take over the world or something.

What the hell?

I guess we will see

Starbucks Store Closings

Another day, another company announcing cuts. This time it is starbucks.

Okay, well, you gotta look at what's going on. I'd much rather have starbucks go out of business than some place like McDonald's. Why? Well, it shows people aren't idiots. In fact, Mickey D's could have even received a boost from the poor economy.

It is because people (hopefully) are using sense when spending (well, relatively speaking). Starbucks is posh and grossly overcharges (well it is good coffee...) and people used to buy it. But now people are poor and can't afford to indulge, so what is first to go? The expensive stuff. Like Domino Magazine. Now it's starbucks. Following this trend, what are some other companies I wouldn't be surprised to see fail? Remember, mass workforce + everyday high prices = employee layoffs.

Outback Steakhouse

Hmm we need a list. So I'll update this and start an official list somewhere. Companies that could fail

America's Cheapest Family: Top 5 ways to spend less

Well, I found one result for this and it was a blog about how to have a cheaper lifestyle.

So, while this may be referring to an actual family on the news somewhere, I will write about ways to keep some cash in the wallet.

1) Stop getting morning coffee from starbucks. Duh, its like 4 bucks a day. Make your own crappy coffee at home.

2) Stop getting midday lunches from restaurants. Duh, its like 7 bucks a day. Make your own crappy lunch at home.

3) Take advantage of free things. This can include coupons and websites. Google "free stuff" and you'll get a long list of things.

4) Drive a cheaper car. This one is important. If you're trying to show off, that's retarded. Because if you ever meet someone this way by showing off, they'll be that much more disappointed to find out you are a fraud.

5) Don't buy things you can't afford. What the heck. Debt? Lots and lots of debt? If you have to go into credit card debt to buy some stuff at Target, you're spending too much, chances are.

There, now you can live as the cheapest family in America. Remember rule 5 especially.

FOX NEWS and Jessica Simpson's Weight

Why is this even a story? Who cares? Blah blah blah.

Jessica Simpson gained weight big whoop. She may have not even done so. Doesn't matter at all in the grand scheme of things now does it?

Now, if this is true, it would be the second actress that FOX news has pissed off recently, after Bill OReilly called Jessica Alba a stupid person or something. Now, lets look at that argument.

1) Jessica Alba seems to be one of the more articulate actresses. She is not a dumbass slut either. Seems to point towards intelligence.

2) Bill OReilly makes up crap and frequently fails (at least he did when I used to watch him like 5 years ago, which by no means is guaranteed to still be accurate.)

But stuff like this gets ratings. So meh, w/e

Jackson Pollocks birthday

I don't know much about this guy, other than that it is his birthday, according to google.

So many people have become curious about him, due to the fact that google changed their logo in order to emulate his drip style of painting. People have gotten impressed by it or something and have wanted to find out more.

I like it whenever google alters its website. Whoever they are pimping gains a lot of publicity, since google is basically the master of the internet. Everything revolves around them. So it should be no surprise that today, Jackson Pollack is a popular thing.

sh Limbaugh and DCCC

Good old Rush Limbaugh. You know, everyone hates on him and most people have never actually listened to him. He is the person that the democratic party has made to epitomize the evil, greedy republican.

And you know what, most of the democratic braintrust does their evil under the table, slyly serpentining through the dark.

So I don't really see the problem. Rush Limbaugh crashed the DCCC website by calling for people to all hit it up at once. Smart plan, but wont help him gain any points from the people who already hate him.

That is important. So many first impressions of people do them in. It sucks really, but it is the truth.

Domino Magazine

Okay, this, to me at least, is one of those "duh" moments.

I have discovered that Domino magazine is a home shopping magazine about style.

Home, shopping, style.

Okay that is a list of three things that all have, coincidentally, gone out of style.

Come on. We are in a recession for crying out loud. Technically dominoes are affected as well. Magazines are too. So basically every aspect of that magazine logically is fucked up.

Don't cry for me, Argentina.

Aresanob (Spolier Alert)

Okay, this is a csi term that everyone wants to know about because the camera must have pulled away once the chick named bonasera looked at the website with disgust. And I guess everybody wants to know why.

Well, here it is:

Word on the internet is, she saw video of herself in bed with the artist or whatever.

Generic plot twist, really. That's the surprise. Of course, if you go to, it's just a darn promo.

Case closed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dallas Road

I have inside scoop on the weather conditions in dallas...

I'm not going to reveal my sources (Ill give you a hint, however, starts with a "w" and rhymes with "zindow"), but I can say with confidence that it is not snowing or sleeting or anything ending with "ing" and involving the solid form of dihydrogen monoxide (water).

People always cause a stir when it comes to weather. Every soccer mom out there searches about 10 times a minute for school closings and the like.

WFAA is the local Dallas weather channel. It is a popular search. The McKinney School District closing is a popular search. Dallas roads is popular right now. All top 20 stories for today.

So I'll give some free advice, money back guaranteed: Don't drive on icy roads.

Also, I feel compelled to mention that Dallas almost never closes its schools.

California Octuplets

Another day, another octuplet of kids.

This, to me, is a boring story that I would never try to gather scoop about. Why?

Who gives a shit? It isn't the first time that 8 kids have been born at once. It isn't like they did something special to try to pop out a bunch of children. What should happen is that people will likely flock to their aid and raise some money for the costs of raising them and hiring a nanny or two. Same old story. See I already predicted what was gonna happen.

But good luck to everyone involved anyways.

Fedex Plane Crashes In Texas

Damn. I was really hoping to receive my next issue of sports illustrated. It was the coveted snowsuit edition... (props to sportspickle)

Anyways, a FedEx plane crashed in Texas as it was taking off. Both of the men inside were okay as they ran away from the mess. (I guess if there were a third person, it would be safe to assume he didn't make it out and that nobody would know...)

So everyone is okay and stuff.

Target Layoffs

Target is in the news again. This time for more layoffs as the economy remains in a state of crappishness.

It's kind of like the economy is in a state of going from CBS to UPN in terms of television selection, and right now it has descended to the WB (Or the CN or whatever the heck they call themselves now)

It's not nearly as bad as they're making it out to be, but it is very bad compared to what it was just a year ago.

Anyways, Target, the FOX of retail stores (gotta stick with the TV references. Target has a loyal fanbase but is not as established as places like Walmart), is firing people today, or so the rumor goes. No news yet of any official firings, but it is still a hot topic.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Haha. I learn so much from doing this.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder, or IED, is whenever someone just blows up in your face about some shit that doesn't matter.

In other words, it is something that people who are in a bad mood do every single day.

So it doesn't seem to me to be a disorder at all, then, kind of like ADD, which is just some way of telling someone they think a lot and need to release some energy. Here is an idea, elementary school teachers of the world: let the kids have recess.

That will fix everything.


Super Bowl XLIII Start Time

The NFL always likes to confuddle people like you and me. You'll never guess the start time for the 2009 Super Bowl. The Superbowl 2009 start time (hey gotta love keywords) is ...


6:18 PM Eastern. So thats 5:18 for central.

Why an odd time? Who knows. It probably wont get started on time anyways, and once you figure in bruce springsteen's notoriously long performances where he talks about everything from his mother's pet chihuahua to quantum physics, the end time of the super bowl should be well into the next day.

Agape World

Another day, another ponzi scheme. Agape World is a company run by a man named Cosmos. It sucked in about $380 million from investors.

Well, the question coming to my mind is, first of all, did he willingly surrender or did his company fail like Madoff's?

See, maybe he decided to come clean when he realized the inevitable- that his scheme would fail.

That's another reason why I would choose a different scam if I were a scammer. Think about it. Ponzi schemes require increasing inputs of money and you don't actually get to keep the cash you do have. You are essentially a huge middleman that doesn't get to keep anything. Plus, the constant lying alone would stop me from ever thinking of doing such a crime.

Monster Truck Accident

Monster Truck Rallies generally remind me of Ricky Bobby, only on steroids.

I can't say I am a fan of these behemoth events. But whatever I don't really care.

Anyways, the driver turned straight into his friend. They were both safety advocates so this is really unfortunate.

And last week a six year old boy was struck in the head with some metal that flew off of a truck. It was fatal as well. Terrible. Not that I ever wanted to go to a monster truck rally, but now I still don't

Tulsa Weather and KOTV

Topics like snow in unusual places usually get a lot of publicity.

In this case, I am guessing it is going to snow in Tulsa. This is why people are searching for "Tulsa Weather" and "KOTV", which is a local news station.

Snow is unusual in the south. Everyone knows that. But nobody really knows what to do in snow, because the general consensus is to shut everything down for a few days because by then the snow will have melted and everything will be okay.

But people in the North have to use salt on the roads, have to schedule things around the ice, and they have to shovel it from their driveways several times a week.

And that's why I'd rather live somewhere like Tulsa where, when the big bad snow comes, I can sit back and take a day off, make some hot cocoa, and relax.

Woodfield Mall

Good News for everyone in chicago worried about their lives while shopping at the woodfield mall-

Nobody committed any crime, at least that's what the authorities are saying. So basically, someone did something suspicious or someone who had already committed a crime went into the mall for a quick hideout and police did not want to alarm anybody.

But, since this has made national news, I'd say the bit about alarming people was a failure at best.

But even so, it should be considered a success since no one was harmed and the local law enforcement did their jobs well.

Oprah and Blagojevich

Okay, I have already made it clear that I think this Rod Blagojevich is the biggest scumbag this side of the Atlantic.

But he is very shrewd and cunning. His latest ploy, like all of his others, is shameful at best. He decided to appeal to emotions by announcing his support of Oprah Winfrey for the US senate.

Now, why would he share this nugget of information at this point? Well, he has no dignity and is pulling out all the stops to make it as hard as possible to be removed from office, in the public's eye at least.

Asshole. This is only an attempt to make everyone feel sorry for him and look past his transgressions.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Telling Movie

Hmmm. This one was hard to find out stuff about.

The Telling (Movie) is about girls who pledge the cruelest sorority on campus and then shit happens or something. Whatever.

I know I wont be watching it. But I'll put in my two cents anyway. It'll be a flop. Why?

Well, it's about a sorority, for one. It's a horror film, which means it may be a bit frightening at points, but movies like prom night and unborn- movies with sex appeal and horror combined- haven't done well recently.

I had not heard of it before today and probably wont again. And when I say flop, I mean relatively. I am sure it will outperform whichever lighthearted comedy is in theaters, but I don't expect it to be a classic like Saw or The Birds or, going into books even, a personal favorite of mine, And Then There Were None, which did get made into a film.


Earlier we wrote about Resveratrol, the anti- aging chemical found in some red wines.

Well now we'd like to talk about Sirtris, the company who apparently is researching wine for this kind of stuff.

First off, the first thing I noticed was that the word "sirtris" is a palindrome.

Okay, then I realized that this company is a great step towards something I had always thought was a good goal that Americans needed to reach for more often.

So much is focused on diseases like cancer and AIDS. Heart disease is also a huge killer.

No one it seems, has yet to put the greatest disease of all time into the public spotlight. It is the greatest killer, having killed nearly 100% of all people ever. It is called aging.

People age. Well, most people age (some Biblical people did not, I think). But everyone around now ages. We get older. What if there was some way, say, by adding telomere segments to the end of shortening telomere chains, or inserting an entire cell's worth of youthful DNA taken from the patient at a young age, to stop aging?

How great would that be, do you think?

Well, Sirtris is a company looking at these kind of angles (by the way, those ideas I mentioned have probably been tried and failed, but at this level of science it is all about execution and refinement of these outlandish theories).

Chapman Kansas

Community Makeover. Extreme Makeover Community Edition!


I have nothing important to say about this news story. So they want to rebuild a town in kansas that was struck by a tornado.

I think it's a great thing and deserves press. What else? Ummmm.


Chapman was the name of my friend's biology teacher?


I have to be honest I don't watch that show because I find it boring. Anything with the word 'makeover' in it can't be all that great anyway.


Resveratrol is a substance in red wine which supposedly benefits the body in multiple ways. They expect that it can lengthen people's lives by preventing many diseases that occur with old age.

Here's what I think about this: resveratrol might be a great thing, shoot, I'd like an excuse to drink wine. But this has all the makings of a media- fed trend. Whatever the media chooses to be popular makes the cut. So, if you work in research and think you have discovered something, call up your local CBS affiliate and have them inflate your story.

I know nothing of resveratrol, and it could very well be a great thing. I hope it is and I hope they put it into a nice vitamin form so I can take it with my flintstones vitamins and tony hawk vitamin gummies. Yum. Imagine the possibilities.

SAG awards, another useless awards show

Screen Actors Guild Awards? SAG- more like sucky ass grapefruit.

There are so many awards shows nowadays. Too many. Every network feels compelled to hand out their own sleight of awards. So, I am officially making the popular things award show, right here, right now, off the top of my head.

Best Actor- heath ledger, duh.
Best Movie- batman
Best actress- Alba, duh (did she even act in a movie this year? doesnt matter, hot)
Uhhh, what else?

Best sound affects- bat... man? (IDK I cant think of any other movies)
funniest movie- here we go, pineapple express I loved that shit

annoyingest girl- the girl from unborn. yeah she was hot but she was so annoying. whining and complaining and hallucinating. Really? you wanna go into the dark forest even though you know theres a monster in there? Really? You want to fool around with your boyfriend while demons are outside and all you gotta do is mutter a few prayers?
Stupid hoe.

Hmmm, what other awards are there?

Coolest effects- idk tropic thunder, which I didnt actually see, but it should win one

Funny Movie runner up- step brothers

Crappiest Movie that sucked a lot- seven pounds. Man what a let down.

There you go, thank you ladies and gentlemen for viewing with us tonight drive safely and tune in next time...

Coatesville, PA

Fires in Coatesville! This is trendy because it is a peculiar story about several homes being mysteriously burned in a small pennsylvania town. I haven't heard of coatesville, so the assertion that it is small is simply that- an assertion.

But it is a big mystery. I've heard of people spontaneously combusting before, and odd things happen. But this could be arson. That is actually what they think it is.

My favorite part is the suggestion that people could protect their homes by simply leaving the porch light on. Okay, what are we, in the 1920s? It's like saying that all home invasions can be stopped by locking the doors. What about smashing a window or some shit like that? Deadbolts are nice, but when you've got an open window a few feet away from the double barricaded door, it defeats the purpose.

So in conclusion, lamp does not equal safety.


So many of the things that are popular are things which I have never heard of before.

Like NuYorican. What is it? Well, some quick research tells me that a nuyorican is a new yorker who is puerto rican.

Now, I don't like this kind of stuff, namely, people creating a classification for other people or themselves. It is kind of dumb in my opinion- I don't think race or anything should be a factor in making someone unique. Sure, it is definitely a defining attribute but I'd rather highlight a talent I have.

Joe Torre and his new book, The Yankee Years

I like Joe Torre. He seems to me to epitomize success and humility all in one. Plus he had to work for someone widely considered to be a real jackass.

So now he is in the news again for his new book, The Yankee Years, which supposedly is a tell all story about his time with everyone's favorite team to love or hate.

And apparently he bashes ARod, GM Brian Cashman, and owner George Steinbrenner. My take on that is that it is a bad idea. For one, what's to say he doesn't run into these people down the road?

Isn't there always two sides to every story anyway? Did ARod, Steinbrenner, and Cashman bash him in the first place?

There have got to be some questions first of all, and since I don't really know the whole story it strikes me as odd. It doesn't seem like something Joe Torre would do.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bobby Griffith

So this is popular because there is a movie about a gay activist named Bobby Griffith who died while doing a backflip off an interstate.

I try never to speak badly about the dead, so I wont. Its a shame that someone had to die like that, gay or straight.

And it apparently was also suicide. That's like 3 things I normally would find bad about a person but I still pray for him and his family. Everyone makes mistakes.

Witness for the prosecution of Rod Blagojevich

Below is the list of witnesses for the blagojevich trial. You all know how I feel about that. I hope he gets kicked out of office. These people on the list are mostly representatives, but a few other guys.


Chapin Rose
Jack Franks
Constance Howard
David Miller
Gary Hannig
Jim Durkin
Susana Mendoza
Lou Lang
FBI Special Agent Daniel Cain
JCAR Director Vicki Thomas

Miss America 2009

I don't really follow the miss america contest. Why? Because it's dumb. Sure there are hot chicks walking around but watching a beauty pageant is gay if you're a guy. Man laws suggest that you shouldn't watch it.

So I never did. Matter of fact, never even knew it was on. But I do know who won, because today it is trendy to know that kind of stuff. In fact, I already posted about it. But I forgot to add this disclaimer signifying that I never watched a minute of it.

Katie Stam

Of course this would be a hot topic. Katie Stam (I think that's how you spell it) is popular now because she won Miss America.

Whoop de friggin do?

Naw, Im sure it's cool or whatever. I heard she was actually sick during the week with some sort of throat problem. And she won the swimsuit competition, so that's definitely a plus.

But Miss Indiana? I don't really think of Indiana when I think of hot chicks. Guess Im wrong...

David Koresh

So I wondered why this topic was so popular all of a sudden. Well it appears his mother was murdered.

I thought he would be rather old himself now, if he was still alive.

Anyways, I digress. I've been to the site of the branch davidian complex before, at night even, and it still is creepy. They still have people living there, waiting for him to return someday. And they stuck dogs and chased my friends out. Weird.

MMA affliction

I think this should be a decent card.

MMA is really the only way to go when it comes to fighting. I like the fact its popularity has bloomed recently. I like how the score is generally settled by the competitors and not the refs, like in basketball.

Of course, it is not cut and dry like golf or bowling, but the refs are not nearly as important as a rigged event like the NBA. I hate watching basketball. Those MMA Affliction fighters should beat up the NBA refs. That's something I'd pay to view.

Senior Bowl

This is our chance to see up and coming NFL stars. A lot of the highly touted players, like Rey Maluaga, will be playing in this bowl.

I really hope the packers draft a star, whether or not he plays in the senior bowl. Ideally every player would get a shot to play with other big name guys, but that's what the college season is about. It is basically a farm system for the NFL.

This year, though, the senior bowl isn't even sold out, due to the crappy economy, or so they say. It isn't like it is a big deal for non NFL types either. It is kind of like the NFL's pro bowl, which nobody watches anyways.

Another thing Obama does which I like, even though I tend to lean to the right.

Of course, I still don't want a communist country and hope he doesn't mess up the freedoms we were founded on, but I like this bit. is the website for looking where all the government spending goes. Chances are, the people who already have an idea bout politics will peruse this and the dumbasses on the street will continue to complain.

With the line item veto, we might not have ad this problem but I am sure there are arguments in favor of no line item veto. I am just a dumbass on the street, after all.


Septecemia is an infection of the blood stream. The Brazilian model died of this disease.

Anyways, before you worry about your own blood becoming infected, know that you'll know something's up. Get regular checkups and if your foot swells to the size of a mellon, that probably means you should see a doctor.

Red Sox Tickets

Again, why this is popular, who knows.

But today, they go on sale at 10 AM, which has already passed.

i have mixed feelings on the sox. One, I kind of like them, but two, I don't, since much of their fanbase is comprised of manchester united and dallas cowboys fans. Those fans also generally like the LA Lakers and the USC trojans.

What are they? Bandwagon jumpers. Sure, they'll inform you that they have been a fan since they were born, because some great uncle got them interested when they went to a game when they were 10 up in Boston and they have followed the team ever since. But that's BS. Theyre just like cowboys fans.

Friday, January 23, 2009

California Earthquake

Tonight I think I heard Cali had several smaller quakes and perhaps one with a magnitude in the sevens.

So is this the big one?

I doubt it. I am generally skeptical because people can always worry about things. But more often than not, they worry about the wrong things. People worry about things the media chooses for them to worry about. Conformity then ensues and bam, you have the makings of a false threat.

It's all about the money. What sells? Big bad global warming or an acute level of HPo3 and CO2 emissions?

So anyways, a quake is supposed to happen, but I think this time people will be alright.


Rastafarianism. Ill admit I dont know much about it but I do know of some stupid ass fake religion meant to mock real religions. This fake one is called pastafarianism. Its deity is the great spaghetti monster and it is a religion for atheists and fags to hang out.

But rastafarianism is another case. I do know one of my favorite players, Atari Bigby, is a rastafarianism.

I think one of the big things is to wear dreads, but of course, not everyone who wears dreads is rastafarian. Three quarters of the Packers' backfield at times has dreads. I mean, I think that's tight.

Rod Blagojevich

I think he is the biggest scumbag Ive seen in a while.

Now he is crying foul and appealing to pity in trying to get the last laugh. He is screwed (well in Illinois, no corrupt politician is screwed) but he is focusing on winning battles and not wars.

First his senate appointment: he appoints a minority who, if denied senate access, can promptly play the race card.

Now his latest ploy: comparing his situation to a lonely cowboy who is falseley accused of stealing a horse.

This guy needs to go.

Packers Hire Dom Capers

I like the move. It allows for us to switch to 3-4.

Plus the panthers DC, mike Trogvac, took a demotion to come coach DL for us. Sweet.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Peanut Butter Cracker Recall

This is the second time in like a year that they have had to recall peanut butter products.

Will someone please become competent?

What happened to the peanut butter checkers? Do we really have to pay top dollar for peanut butter examiners? Maybe offer it as a degree plan at the local community college.

Just some thoughts.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Salmon Rushdie

Salman Rushdie is an older author who won some awards over the years for his works, such as the satanic verses and shame

But what strikes me as odd is the fact he has spent over a year underground because he was targeted for his satanic verses book.

I have heard of the guy before, which bodes extremely well, as I don't usually know who these people are.

But I think any time you have to go into hiding, something is wrong. I do believe it was because someone in Iran issued a fatwah on his head because they thought he made Muhammed look bad or something.

Apple Stock

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, is going to be taking a leave of absence. He has a hormone disorder or something, which is apparently slowing him down. He didn't want to divulge any information about it, though, but he ended up having to do so as Wall Street demanded the information in the form of falling stock prices due to insecurity over the company.

All of this makes sense, sure, but what does this mean for Apple stock?

I would think it means the same for any stock- its a crapshoot. Sorry. The market right now is undoubtedly down, so do whatever.

Steve Jobs, I would think, would be back but I have no inside information or anything. However, it strikes me as odd that he would want to conceal his personal illness this much if it were really something harmless.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kara dioguardi

Kara Dioguardi as the new judge on American Idol. Rumor is that she replaces Paula Abdul sometime soon, that's what we're hearing anyway.

I don't know much about her. She is 38 and engaged. She has worked with former Idol stars.

She is actually a songwriter, though, from what I read on the internet, and not a singer. Popularity, the next American Idol judge, and a bright outlook: Kara Dioguradi.

Collapsed Lung

This is a topic that is close to me. I think the reason it is trendy is because the Law and Order actress, Mariska Hargitay, suffered a collapsed lung. Now, what struck me as odd was that they included the fact she would continue to film this season.

See, of course she would. Either because she would get the lung re-inflated or just live with it, which would not be smart, by the way.

Collapsed lungs, or pneumothoracies, arise generally when air somehow escapes the lung via a hole and then it leaks into the chest cavity, and since it has nowhere to go, just sits there and takes up space, while not allowing the lung to inflate all the way. It can be removed via chest tube, which is stuck through a small incision in the chest wall near the ribs, and then sucks the air out.

Carol Bartz is the new CEO of Yahoo

Carol Bartz is the new CEO of Yahoo!, which means that their personal crisis is over. She is 60 years old and takes over for Jerry Yang, the old CEO (not the 2007 world series of poker main event champion...)

One thing I noticed is that she is on a few other companies' boards along with other Yahoo execs, something which strikes me as nepotistic, but I think she is well qualified regardless. Yahoo has done a good job making themselves at the top of the internet, and I am sure they will continue to be good.

That said, some of their apps are shit- quality, and one thing I'd personally like them to revamp is their front page news feed. Many of those stories, lets face it, suck and are written by people with about as much journalistic quality as me.

Grateful Dead Tickets $100

Well, since in Dallas, Red Jumpsuit apparatus tickets are only $20something, and Grateful Dead is less popular, at least among people who listen to music on a regular basic and aren't old, I'd think this move makes no sense.

But it does, if you think about it. These guys are no longer popular. You could call it a farewell tour, and if diehard fans will plunk down $100 a ticket to see their heroes before they hit the retirement home, then so be it.

Supply and demand, in basic terms, like the Burger King commercial. Sure, you leave out all the rest of the economic details, but point is, if people will pay for them, let them. It's all about the cash.

Now don't get me started on the evil record companies. That's a whole 'nother story.


Ever had an ear infection? I bet you have, if you are a human. Basically, all a myringotomy is, is the old time cure for an ear infection, a bit a of a surgical conundrum. Nowadays, you can get some antibiotics and just drink those, but in the old days, when they believed the earth was flat, they'd do a myringotomy.

So what happens? Well, basically, they just make a small incision in the ear drum. Then the pressure is relieved and a small stent is placed in the ear drum so it doesn't heal before the fluid leaves or dries up.

It is painful, and that is why they can use a local anesthetic to numb it a tad. Also, you should just ask for the antibiotics if you have a choice.