Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nicole Buffett

Okay so here's the deal. Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world, doesn't like it when his family asks him for money. He wants them all to be self made men (or women). So his adopted granddaughter is in an interview and she says she would like it if she could do more with all that money he has stocked up. She thinks it is a bit of a waste and would like to use it for something else.

So he flies off the handle and now the nice old man doesn't conjure up pleasant memories of grandpa anymore.

One conclusion to be drawn is that he never really thought her to be part of the family (which is mean to say the least and I would think this is not the case). The other is that the presented story is not all true and there is a lot of speculation, which probably is the case.

So maybe everyone should take a chill pill. Something may have gone down but we can only wish the best upon their family.

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