Saturday, December 6, 2008


While everyone seems to be watching the SEC Championship game on CBS, there is another game on ABC. This game is the UCLA vs. USC game. This game, while the outcome seems to be already decided, means alot to both teams.

1. UCLA defeated USC 13-9 last time USC came to the Rose Bowl, eliminating USC from the national title picture.

2. The teams have a dozen national championships between them and 8 Heisman winners.

3. A win for UCLA will eliminate USC from the Rose Bowl game and make their rather poor season a success.

4. 100,000 screaming fans in the Rose Bowl...need we say more?

5. There is loads of bad blood between the teams. Incidents involving helicopters vandalizing the opponents campus and various incidents of assault and theft have occurred.

6. Hot Cheerleaders. Case Closed

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indigohowie said...

sadly, hot cheerleaders is all UCLA has going for them