Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joe Torre and his new book, The Yankee Years

I like Joe Torre. He seems to me to epitomize success and humility all in one. Plus he had to work for someone widely considered to be a real jackass.

So now he is in the news again for his new book, The Yankee Years, which supposedly is a tell all story about his time with everyone's favorite team to love or hate.

And apparently he bashes ARod, GM Brian Cashman, and owner George Steinbrenner. My take on that is that it is a bad idea. For one, what's to say he doesn't run into these people down the road?

Isn't there always two sides to every story anyway? Did ARod, Steinbrenner, and Cashman bash him in the first place?

There have got to be some questions first of all, and since I don't really know the whole story it strikes me as odd. It doesn't seem like something Joe Torre would do.

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