Monday, January 26, 2009

Tulsa Weather and KOTV

Topics like snow in unusual places usually get a lot of publicity.

In this case, I am guessing it is going to snow in Tulsa. This is why people are searching for "Tulsa Weather" and "KOTV", which is a local news station.

Snow is unusual in the south. Everyone knows that. But nobody really knows what to do in snow, because the general consensus is to shut everything down for a few days because by then the snow will have melted and everything will be okay.

But people in the North have to use salt on the roads, have to schedule things around the ice, and they have to shovel it from their driveways several times a week.

And that's why I'd rather live somewhere like Tulsa where, when the big bad snow comes, I can sit back and take a day off, make some hot cocoa, and relax.

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