Wednesday, January 28, 2009

America's Cheapest Family: Top 5 ways to spend less

Well, I found one result for this and it was a blog about how to have a cheaper lifestyle.

So, while this may be referring to an actual family on the news somewhere, I will write about ways to keep some cash in the wallet.

1) Stop getting morning coffee from starbucks. Duh, its like 4 bucks a day. Make your own crappy coffee at home.

2) Stop getting midday lunches from restaurants. Duh, its like 7 bucks a day. Make your own crappy lunch at home.

3) Take advantage of free things. This can include coupons and websites. Google "free stuff" and you'll get a long list of things.

4) Drive a cheaper car. This one is important. If you're trying to show off, that's retarded. Because if you ever meet someone this way by showing off, they'll be that much more disappointed to find out you are a fraud.

5) Don't buy things you can't afford. What the heck. Debt? Lots and lots of debt? If you have to go into credit card debt to buy some stuff at Target, you're spending too much, chances are.

There, now you can live as the cheapest family in America. Remember rule 5 especially.

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