Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Starbucks Store Closings

Another day, another company announcing cuts. This time it is starbucks.

Okay, well, you gotta look at what's going on. I'd much rather have starbucks go out of business than some place like McDonald's. Why? Well, it shows people aren't idiots. In fact, Mickey D's could have even received a boost from the poor economy.

It is because people (hopefully) are using sense when spending (well, relatively speaking). Starbucks is posh and grossly overcharges (well it is good coffee...) and people used to buy it. But now people are poor and can't afford to indulge, so what is first to go? The expensive stuff. Like Domino Magazine. Now it's starbucks. Following this trend, what are some other companies I wouldn't be surprised to see fail? Remember, mass workforce + everyday high prices = employee layoffs.

Outback Steakhouse

Hmm we need a list. So I'll update this and start an official list somewhere. Companies that could fail

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