Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coatesville, PA

Fires in Coatesville! This is trendy because it is a peculiar story about several homes being mysteriously burned in a small pennsylvania town. I haven't heard of coatesville, so the assertion that it is small is simply that- an assertion.

But it is a big mystery. I've heard of people spontaneously combusting before, and odd things happen. But this could be arson. That is actually what they think it is.

My favorite part is the suggestion that people could protect their homes by simply leaving the porch light on. Okay, what are we, in the 1920s? It's like saying that all home invasions can be stopped by locking the doors. What about smashing a window or some shit like that? Deadbolts are nice, but when you've got an open window a few feet away from the double barricaded door, it defeats the purpose.

So in conclusion, lamp does not equal safety.

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