Sunday, January 25, 2009

SAG awards, another useless awards show

Screen Actors Guild Awards? SAG- more like sucky ass grapefruit.

There are so many awards shows nowadays. Too many. Every network feels compelled to hand out their own sleight of awards. So, I am officially making the popular things award show, right here, right now, off the top of my head.

Best Actor- heath ledger, duh.
Best Movie- batman
Best actress- Alba, duh (did she even act in a movie this year? doesnt matter, hot)
Uhhh, what else?

Best sound affects- bat... man? (IDK I cant think of any other movies)
funniest movie- here we go, pineapple express I loved that shit

annoyingest girl- the girl from unborn. yeah she was hot but she was so annoying. whining and complaining and hallucinating. Really? you wanna go into the dark forest even though you know theres a monster in there? Really? You want to fool around with your boyfriend while demons are outside and all you gotta do is mutter a few prayers?
Stupid hoe.

Hmmm, what other awards are there?

Coolest effects- idk tropic thunder, which I didnt actually see, but it should win one

Funny Movie runner up- step brothers

Crappiest Movie that sucked a lot- seven pounds. Man what a let down.

There you go, thank you ladies and gentlemen for viewing with us tonight drive safely and tune in next time...

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