Sunday, January 25, 2009


Resveratrol is a substance in red wine which supposedly benefits the body in multiple ways. They expect that it can lengthen people's lives by preventing many diseases that occur with old age.

Here's what I think about this: resveratrol might be a great thing, shoot, I'd like an excuse to drink wine. But this has all the makings of a media- fed trend. Whatever the media chooses to be popular makes the cut. So, if you work in research and think you have discovered something, call up your local CBS affiliate and have them inflate your story.

I know nothing of resveratrol, and it could very well be a great thing. I hope it is and I hope they put it into a nice vitamin form so I can take it with my flintstones vitamins and tony hawk vitamin gummies. Yum. Imagine the possibilities.

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