Sunday, January 25, 2009


Earlier we wrote about Resveratrol, the anti- aging chemical found in some red wines.

Well now we'd like to talk about Sirtris, the company who apparently is researching wine for this kind of stuff.

First off, the first thing I noticed was that the word "sirtris" is a palindrome.

Okay, then I realized that this company is a great step towards something I had always thought was a good goal that Americans needed to reach for more often.

So much is focused on diseases like cancer and AIDS. Heart disease is also a huge killer.

No one it seems, has yet to put the greatest disease of all time into the public spotlight. It is the greatest killer, having killed nearly 100% of all people ever. It is called aging.

People age. Well, most people age (some Biblical people did not, I think). But everyone around now ages. We get older. What if there was some way, say, by adding telomere segments to the end of shortening telomere chains, or inserting an entire cell's worth of youthful DNA taken from the patient at a young age, to stop aging?

How great would that be, do you think?

Well, Sirtris is a company looking at these kind of angles (by the way, those ideas I mentioned have probably been tried and failed, but at this level of science it is all about execution and refinement of these outlandish theories).

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