Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Telling Movie

Hmmm. This one was hard to find out stuff about.

The Telling (Movie) is about girls who pledge the cruelest sorority on campus and then shit happens or something. Whatever.

I know I wont be watching it. But I'll put in my two cents anyway. It'll be a flop. Why?

Well, it's about a sorority, for one. It's a horror film, which means it may be a bit frightening at points, but movies like prom night and unborn- movies with sex appeal and horror combined- haven't done well recently.

I had not heard of it before today and probably wont again. And when I say flop, I mean relatively. I am sure it will outperform whichever lighthearted comedy is in theaters, but I don't expect it to be a classic like Saw or The Birds or, going into books even, a personal favorite of mine, And Then There Were None, which did get made into a film.

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